Friday, February 10, 2006

Our Futures Gone to Hell.

What is about woman that gives away their entire personality before meeting a man? Men can sense things and woman can see things clear as day. How is it that men can directly approach a woman they have just met and be turned off instantly? It's not that they aren't good looking, or aren't funny, athletic, smart, charming, or are too manly, skinny, obnoxious. It is as if men have a detection for desperation in women. This is entirely a "turn-off" to start with, that men can't put their finger on, but sense it. Like women, men have 2 brutal but basic ways of approaching a desperate person. The approached, will either a) submit to their inner feeling and be turned off entirely or b) submit to their sexuality and see the window of oppurtunity to use this person. How women can sense a man is weak, men can sense how a woman is desperate.
Yes, even though you have been single for a long time and involved in many on again-off again relationships or even just dated around, it doesn't mean that you need someone all the time. A woman gives into these insecurities more easily due to emotional instability or pressure from seeing fellow couples, and jealousy. Men tend to give into the relationship black hole due to the fact that it is considered a discgrace among the male population, not to "Get some action."
I mean, who really needs to be a virgin by the age of 14? Then before anyone can tell a vicious cycle is created. The problem: all good men are already either a) taken or b) gay. And so, the guys that just go for girls that will offer them sexual favours, stay with these girls they can use on again and off again, and change women like tissues. Where do such girls come from you ask? Well go to the very roots of the problem. It's simply kind of like a math equation.
1. Boy make relationships with girls.
2. Girls take it slow in relationship, and girls and boys take advantage of relationship status without actually doing anything. (i.e. bf/gf but have never gone on a date, kissed, further..)
3. There is no point in these relationships so men avoid them and discover this new sort of girls that what to be popular among the guys, and offer sexual favours without commitment.
4. More guys discover the benefits of this.
5. You are left with men +fooling + pre-graduate whores taking up 30% of the status. Just plain men without anyone= 5% , Men in relationships with women=5%, Single Women= 60%
6. Therefore, the amount of single guys that fool around takes over the guys with relationship and the single alone guys.
7. Therefore single women find that there are more men that are relationshipless that single men.
8. Therefore women become desperate because thsoe single boys will never become relationship boys, the good boys are already IN relationships, and the majority of the males are in un-relationships with sex.
9. Desperate women leads to forgetting your standards of guy, accepting any jerk who has a reputation of being a "player" and giving into their requests.
10. Therefore a vicious cycle such as this is created, and which is why relationships will never be as popular and common as they were before 1995. And is why there is just going to be more single 37 years olds going out and having sex without even being able to commit.

Ultimately, if you are a desperate woman, forget about it, join the club where we are women. We do not need men to complete us, especially not trashy ones.
Be warned, if you act desperate, you will either be shut down immediatly, because it is not a ideal quality to men, and shows clingyness and lack of independace. OR dont cry when your "friend" doesnt want to see you anymore, or is sharing you with 2 other girls, because darlings, if you are desperate, expect to be used. Furthermore, whose to truely know, the couple of us that are already IN relationships are not just being used as well, and made to believe that it is a "relationship" ? Dating is not what it used to be. When you find that you know you love your guy more that he loves you, it makes you wonder. It makes you wonder if the going out to the movies on the dates is the same, or even as common as it used to be. Then again, it never helps to be paranoid now does it, but in healthy doses, its good to be inquisitive.

It is just the common sense of life.
-Signed: Bitter old Spinster