Thursday, November 24, 2005


I took advantage of the situation my barbies were in (helpless and wordless) and I took the liberty of whoring them off for a Photo. Collage. Words and Images Assignmento. Enjoy.

Unless you can;t read the background, which you probably can not, the message that is written is " freedom of speech" which the picture obvious is not.. which is the point of our essay.. like i was gunna take a pic of a barbie and write UNIQUE.. which clearly its not.. get it? lol

OOH and here are some SHOTS of my ROOM: tee hee

What is a female player called? I Cant belive Graham thinks im one!!

"Umm i have a question, i dont understand.."
"NOT you!! Your not allowed to ask questions!"
"Cuz i dont like you.."
ARE you serious!?
"No im joking of course not!!"

.. wow i really cant handle sarcasm.. this came from my teacher too.
Then trevorino tostito goes
"Shut up your only complaining because you onlly got 100%..."
HEY it doesnt matter if its close to perfect, i have a right to make it better! :P

Okay time for some History talk/ drawing.. be amused. Oh and we have a new phrase in italiano : MUY CALIENTE MAMI! AYE AYE

Oh em Gee Death is like my HERO

BTW: Here is the link for the Kristin and Ashley Show, our book's pics arents up yet tho:

Saturday, November 19, 2005

well.. The Kirsten and Ashley Show

Oh my just remembering that. In our time, we thought these chicks were fucking hilarious. Me and Rebecca made a whole book, which is fucking hilarious based on this site, and oh gosh, I remember telling Hannah it was our site. I'll Have pictures of "The Book" up, oh gosh, brings back good memories and times. Speaking of which I saw Rebecca after school Wednesday!! She came to see me with darling, Daniel Steinberg for my bday!! yayy
Anywho, pictures will be up soon. ANNND its my birthday tomorrowW!! and i am absolutly in love with these vintage clip on earings from ebay!! They are huge flowers all laqyuered and stuff and butterscotch colour.:D

Sunday, November 13, 2005

More Goodies!!

The newest creation!! So today I was working on my Photography project and I do believe it was way too much fun. Give me Scissors. Give me glue. Give me anything artsy and I'm bound to do well. Hence the good marks in photography, and good marks on creative history projects. Thank Buddha for art. So, before she rudely interupted herself, she was on verge of talking about, the weird frankenstein Picasso ala Synthetic Cubism collage she created. Picasson created the first collage and his revolutionary technique attracted many, such as myself to do the same. HOWEVER El Salvador Dali, shall still remain a favourite!! Anywho, lookie lookie.
As well, I have been thinking and duct tape roses have inspired
me, so i decided to go purchase some red duct tape and make a bunch of them, for someone. However, at the store there was no duct tape, and only yellow ugly packaging tape. BUT I got soo distracted! I landed in the crafts section specifically for beading and I ended up going crazy! I finally bought the much longed for, ear hooks (for earrings), these beautiful green beads and a random pack of gum! As well, I got excited and bought some much needed Acrylic Paint in....*drumrole please*.. Passionate Pink! Oh what fun we shall have!
1. Eye ball earrings for my mini me sister.
2. Green bead earrings avec keys from fuzzy handcuffs. 3. Retro vintage bead earrings.

Number one and a half

Good things result from bordedome however. I've succesfully managed to create a necklace of a cut up and burnt cd
a rose out of duct tape,
and reconstruct my jeans so that they have decent rips.
Well that is about it. I'm off to watch movies, read my ISU and write a postcard to World War One veterans.