Thursday, November 24, 2005

What is a female player called? I Cant belive Graham thinks im one!!

"Umm i have a question, i dont understand.."
"NOT you!! Your not allowed to ask questions!"
"Cuz i dont like you.."
ARE you serious!?
"No im joking of course not!!"

.. wow i really cant handle sarcasm.. this came from my teacher too.
Then trevorino tostito goes
"Shut up your only complaining because you onlly got 100%..."
HEY it doesnt matter if its close to perfect, i have a right to make it better! :P

Okay time for some History talk/ drawing.. be amused. Oh and we have a new phrase in italiano : MUY CALIENTE MAMI! AYE AYE

Oh em Gee Death is like my HERO

BTW: Here is the link for the Kristin and Ashley Show, our book's pics arents up yet tho:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

aww the barbie is hot!! *bondage* your emo poems are funny :)

love, dani.

9:55 PM  

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