Sunday, December 25, 2005

Alternate Universe-- Bring it

I looked for a PERFECT person
To be everything I said
Until I realised
he only existed in my head.
I searched for ideals,
but they did not exist
I could definatly feel it
by the way he kissed.
I went looking for nothing,
but stumbled upon him
he's nothing i would expect,
thoughts pressured into a whim.
Doesn't fit my typical standard,
but he is so much more,
perfection in its own way,
makes my heart sore.
Cant you see you're getting the best of me?
Cant you tell I'm backing away?
Telling myself to believe it's not true.
That these feelings just can't stay.
So bring on the heartache,
how can it exist if love was never there,
Don't want to fall again,
Just because you really dont care.
I feel like im falling, with you watching,
Show me YOUR heart and I'll do the catching.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thats a really good poem! =) all the power to a writer <3

<3, dani

9:21 PM  

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