Wednesday, December 21, 2005


It was fun today, no one knew what it was however. Butttt i did bake cookies, and drink cider and attempt to burn a yule log, but my mom stopped that. Sunset was at 4:30 today!! ahh shorters day of the year whatsup!!
So it's like pitch black now and its 9:37 buttttt its a celebration of light returning!! so ive got mi candles burning wishing to Isis that the light will come back quick. I thanked the godess, i thanked my parents, i thanked mother nature for a wonderful not really terrible winter, and i thanked the diety for the returning light and soon spring!
I also requested that people in general be more open to love, and in all fairity to make me more open to opinion and knowledge.
As ms. sollllomen used to say " Its free education baby, you better take it"
Twas a good day.
Now off to studying, and cookie eating.
I was a good person today.
And i made a friend.

Blessed Be, and enlightment.


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