Sunday, December 04, 2005

I Wanna Run with Reckless Emotion

This weekend was quite the adventure that started off with going to a friend's house to bake some "gingerbread" holiday men..more like clumps they were, but alright. It started off with a travel to a supposed, non-existant Food Basics, in the snow. There, craziness occured in the aisles, and on the way home ( being cheap as we are) we carried everything home in a cradoard box.. yumm hobo style. After singing a rendition of Janie's Got a Gun spontaneously, and running like we were paranoid ladies, we made it back, and began putting the ingrediants together. Warning to those that have weak hearts, stay the fuck away from a rat poison called Ground cloves, or something or another. It had the sickening, complex yet playful aroma of that of heated garbage. The scent was soo strong we thought it could not get worse. How cruel God is.. We realised this when we opened the Molasses and Ginger. For those of you unsure of how to pronounce this : Molasses : (mOh-la-suhs) and Ginger: (dat-sfuckin-NAS-tee)
After leaving this contraption to chill for an hour in the fridge, we came back and baked it at about 11 pm. They took surprisingly only 8 minutes to bake, and grew to a fair size.
First Bite: Eww.
Second Bite: Hm..
Third Bite: It's bad but an aquired flavour
Fourth Bite: Its bad but I can't stop eating it.
..And so on until I realised I couldn't take pictures because I had eaten all the ones I took home.
All in all, they were pretty disgustingly good. And then I went home and watched Full Metal Jacket by my new lover Stanley Kubrick.. AMAZING!
Da Nang Hooker: "Hey, you got girlfriend Vietnam? Me so horny. Me love you long time. "
LMFAO this was later turned into a song by 2LiveCrew called " Me so Horny" Good tribute man!
OMG Private Eightball: "Hey, what the mother fuck?" ( Tee hee so im not the only one that says that)

**********************The Next Night **********************

We voyaged to Finch, took a subway to Queen, and waited at a bus stop freezing our asses off. Then decided to hail a cab, and took the 5$ CAD Taxi down to Hooters.
"Do you mind if I smoke, *looks down at huge NO SMOKING sign* .. oh I guess you do" lmfao
"Man, you've got the hottest mom ever!"
" Hey, you should watch out for these girls, they're gunna be naughty."
"Come back for a job here when you are 19.. no wait make that 18."
Good times at Hooters, drunk collage boys, crazy uniforms, singing on the subway beside guys that smelt like farm animals, dancing on the subway, falling in the subway, buying my Hooters scrunchie, and if I learned anything, it is that TWISTED SISTER RULES... and when you run off a subway to get away from stalker boys, you don't run back onto the SAME car, you run onto the one INFRONT of it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

aw sandy! such fun! i love you loads! =) i think you summed up our fun nights quite well! eeeee!! anyway, ill talk to you hopefully soon.

<3 dani.

3:22 PM  

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