Saturday, December 31, 2005

Just A Girl. Just A Boy.

Could you be different? I am desperatly trying to recall if I have felt this way before.
She sees you around, she does. She talks to you, and wants to hear your voice. She sees pictures but they are not enough, the real thing is nothing in comparison. I remember when you caught my eye and when I first got to touch. She wanted you to know she knew who you were, two lost souls thinking the oneknows nothing about the other. We saw each other, that is for sure. The first conversation, it all felt pure. She remembers the time, you were the first, to actually leave her speechless, literally taking her breath away. Such sweet words had escaped her ears before she met you. She turns cherry blossom red as the colour of your words smears on her face. She got in the game for just a play, but fell down hard. Her heart is on, her heart is off. But for sure it can not be broken again, for a broken heart once never truely heals. She wishes you could call her, she wishes to hear your voice, she wishes she could see you or feel you at the most. Going to sleep thinking about you, I hear the voices in my head. They scream do not be foolish, but yet I go ahead. I am aware of my circumstance, I am afraid all the same. But yet I long to continue on and give my heart its claim. He makes her dizzy as she waits for him, and wants to see him again. She waits until dawn breaks and until the sun sets. She begs for advice in hope for a new discovery. She wonders if its a misunderstanding and truely it might be. She knows that deep down the feeling is there, but nothing can be perfect, not for her, not for me, not now, not here, not there, not anywhere.


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