Thursday, December 15, 2005


Words don't even to begin to describe...

the fucking amount of shit that is pushing me one step closer to jump off my 9th floor fucking balcony. What, did you block me? Does it make you feel happy? Just go on out, and tell me straight up. Lets go to the fucking movies, if you don't want to. Say "No, Mo, I don't want to go" You say your fucking depressed. Poser. You're just trying to be depressed cause you're a fucking emo. Seriously? What the fuck is so hard about saying "No". You've pissed the shit out of me. I have literally pissed my shit, my green peanut filled shit, out of my eureathra (sp?). You've about pulled the last string. I'm not going to let some fat whiney bitch kick me around and see how the fuck it feels. I'm not your lab rat. Go fuck your self. You're immature, I'm going to leave it at that. (No, it's not only you that is pissing me off right now -- It's the fucking world. Fuck it. Fuck you. Thanks.)
P.S: Die in a hole, so you won't be found.
P.P.S: Thank you for letting me release my anger on you.

- moody

This was my first edition of hate mail for no apparent reason, it amuses me , rather than implys hatred and certain does not install fear in me. Thanks buddy, it made me laugh my ass off... more emails to come.

ooh oooohh

)\/( ()())Y ---> 1 Exam Down, 6 to go. says:
Ok, Sarcastic is easily pronounced
)\/( ()())Y ---> 1 Exam Down, 6 to go. says:
You fat whore.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

who is this guy anyway? im sending my motherf*cking crew after him! ;) *wink*

<3dani =)
p.s. excited for tonight/tomorrow!

4:23 PM  

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